makeup s*x ENG SUB [r18 blcd audio]

omg another one? hell yeah. then i’m gonna be mia cuz i got a shit ton of missing work for school sjsjskksw

ok so this ones a blcd from the manga drugless sex 2. basically what happened was tatsumi (uke) & inui (seme) had a fight bc tatsumi brought a girl over to their shared house (both were already inna relationship). but the thing is that tatsumi was scared that he wasn’t acting the same when he was with inui. he thought that if he kept fcking w inui, he won’t be able to hold another woman again & that scared him (pretty selfish thinking kinda hahsjdk) so he brought another woman home (although they never did it) then inui found out & they had a fight.

just if y’all didn’t catch the name of the manga: drugless sex 2 (chapter 5 i think)


the song in the intro is not mine. the scenes used in my intro were provided to me by sleepyhugs마히 on youtube. credits go to her.



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